Lawmakers in Richmond were prepared in January to end the
practice of Continuing Contracts.

● Every teacher who had already passed their probationary
period would have been subject to firing, with no reason
given, every 3 years when their “term contract” ended.

● The probationary period would have been increased to 5 years.
VEA’s lobby cadre, which includes representatives of every region in the state, and
thousands of individual members went to work.

● Thank you to those who made thousands of phone calls and sent thousands of emails
to legislators urging defeat of these bad bills.

● After fighting for and winning amendments protecting teachers already under
contract, we kept the pressure on and eventually succeeded in killing the bills in this
legislative session.


Legislation attacking Continuing Contracts will be back next year, as will bills to cut your
retirement benefits.

● We stood together this year and beat back their efforts against educators! We need
to be ready to do more of the same next year to protect our rights. What can you do?

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