UVA loved their experience with a VEA workshop!!

Model Teacher Workshop
We were lucky enough to have Rebecca Jasman, the president of the Blue Ridge Uniserv present the Model Teacher Workshop.  She offered some great tips on how to effectively manage a classroom. Some key points featured at this workshop ranged from behavioral management to technology in the classroom. We started off the morning by discussing various ways to address positive and negative behaviors, allowing us to hear our what our peers were doing and get advice on ways to deal with common issues. From there, we learned ways to plan our lessons based on the Universal Design method. In groups, we practiced planning a lesson and picking out what we felt was most important based on our curriculum. Another portion of the morning was spent informing us on the many technologies that can assist us in the classroom. From parent-teacher connections to in classroom polls, these technologies can help with classroom interaction and help improve feedback.
At the end of the workshop, we watched the presentation on all that VEA has done over the years for education and teachers. We were really inspired by all the lobbying and political action that VEA has done to secure legislation for the protection of teachers, improvement of public education, and benefit of students. SVEA at UVA has not done much with political action, so we think that should definitely be a goal to work toward next year. Specifically, we can educate members about the importance of voting in the gubernatorial and senatorial elections in November 2014. Education issues are usually not issues of main importance in these candidates' campaigns, so it might be helpful for SVEA to investigate these and spread awareness to members as well as other UVA students. We can also encourage members to follow VEA's legislative reports so that they are always aware of what our parent organization is doing to make the education workforce better for us upcoming teachers. We plan on reading the VEA Legislative Guide to continue to come up with ideas for how SVEA can get more politically involved, because we think some of our members might be interested in taking action beyond the classroom and into the courthouse!