SVEA at Reggie Smith Organizing School

(l to r) Coty Frye, Sabrina Hayes, Katelyn Anderson, Donna Hamilton
University of Richmond - Richmond, Va

News from the NEA Conference

Our President, Sabrina Hayes, is reporting to us from the NEA Conference in Denver, Colorado...

"So just a few updates of what is going on in Denver! I'm going to do multiple posts that deal with different subjects. First, at the Student Leadership Conference Stephanie Terezon, a VSU senior, was re-elected to the NEA SP Board of Directors. Also, Brittany White, also a student from VSU, was elected to the NEA SP Resolutions Committee! Yay!!!! And finally, Old Dominion University won two national awards. ODU won for Outstanding Local Excellence and also for Outstanding CLASS Project! This is why these awards are so vital! The awards submitted to the state convention then go on to the national level! More schools in VA need to be recognized for all the great work that they are doing!"

check back for more updates from Sabrina.

UVA loved their experience with a VEA workshop!!

Model Teacher Workshop
We were lucky enough to have Rebecca Jasman, the president of the Blue Ridge Uniserv present the Model Teacher Workshop.  She offered some great tips on how to effectively manage a classroom. Some key points featured at this workshop ranged from behavioral management to technology in the classroom. We started off the morning by discussing various ways to address positive and negative behaviors, allowing us to hear our what our peers were doing and get advice on ways to deal with common issues. From there, we learned ways to plan our lessons based on the Universal Design method. In groups, we practiced planning a lesson and picking out what we felt was most important based on our curriculum. Another portion of the morning was spent informing us on the many technologies that can assist us in the classroom. From parent-teacher connections to in classroom polls, these technologies can help with classroom interaction and help improve feedback.
At the end of the workshop, we watched the presentation on all that VEA has done over the years for education and teachers. We were really inspired by all the lobbying and political action that VEA has done to secure legislation for the protection of teachers, improvement of public education, and benefit of students. SVEA at UVA has not done much with political action, so we think that should definitely be a goal to work toward next year. Specifically, we can educate members about the importance of voting in the gubernatorial and senatorial elections in November 2014. Education issues are usually not issues of main importance in these candidates' campaigns, so it might be helpful for SVEA to investigate these and spread awareness to members as well as other UVA students. We can also encourage members to follow VEA's legislative reports so that they are always aware of what our parent organization is doing to make the education workforce better for us upcoming teachers. We plan on reading the VEA Legislative Guide to continue to come up with ideas for how SVEA can get more politically involved, because we think some of our members might be interested in taking action beyond the classroom and into the courthouse!

Check out the Candidates for Vice President and President!!

Learn more about the candidates running for Vice President and President for the SVEA Board 2014-2015! We'll be voting on these offices as well as the other board offices at Convention April 11th-12th.

Vice President

Queyera Bagley

A leader is someone whom people follow but also someone who is able to guide and direct others. It is a person who is able to inspire, to be a strong team player, to be an inspiration, and to have ambition.  My name is Queyera L. Bagley.  I am a current junior from Richmond, VA studying mathematics and secondary education here at Virginia State University.   Currently, I have a 2.9 GPA.  Upon graduation, I am interested in obtaining a master’s degree in Special Education from Virginia State University.   My career aspirations are to teach mathematics in inner city schools years prior to creating a Christian Academy through my church.  Though my future goals are set, it is important for me to take the opportunity now to put my leadership skills to work by becoming a leader of my class. My previous services and leadership roles have given me enough experience to become the perfect candidate for Vice President of the Student Virginia Education Association. 


Sabrina Hayes

Hello fellow SVEA members! Some of you may already know me, but for those that do not my name is Sabrina Hayes. I am a rising senior at Old Dominion University and I am studying to become a Secondary Education English teacher. I have been a member of the Student Virginia Education since my freshman year and since have served as the Treasurer of the Old Dominion University Chapter and have served as a CLASS Grant Coordinator. Currently, I am the ODU SVEA President and also serve on the Board of Directors as the Eastern Region Representative. Joining the SVEA was certainly one of the best decisions I have made in my college career. I have made life long friends, gained incredible mentors, aided my community, attended a variety of professional development workshops, and come across so many other amazing opportunities. Therefore, I have gained a tremendous amount of skills involving leadership, communication, organization, and all over excitement for the undertakings of this organization! I hope to continue to bring my enthusiasm and each of these skills to the SVEA, and I look forward to seeing each of you at convention!

Register for Convention 2014

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Our annual Convention location and date have been decided! Now is the time to get super excited and MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 

Convention is April 11th-12th, 2013 and it will be held at **drumroll please** 
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SVEA Outreach and SVEA Convention to be held this weekend:

SVEA Outreach "Get Up - Get Movin' " - Friday, March 22, 2013, 11am - 3pm
Jackson Via Elementary School, 508 Harris Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22903-4322

SVEA Convention - 6pm, Friday, March 22 - 4pm, Saturday, March 23, 2013
The Double Tree, by Hilton, 990 Hilton Heights Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901


Meet your two SVEA Candidates for President
Daniel Hendrix

Office of the President

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit about me. My name is Daniel Hendrix, and I am currently on the SVEA Board of Directors as the Eastern Region Representative, as well as the Chapter President for the Old Dominion University SVEA. I am studying to become an Elementary Educator. I am a US Navy veteran, serving 5 years on the USS Carter Hall, with three deployments to the Persian Gulf. Recently, I had the pleasure to attend the NEA Student Leadership Conference, and while there was selected to participate in a ten person panel to discuss the future of our profession with the US Secretary of Education, Arnie Duncan, at the Department of Education in DC. As you can see, I have been provided excellent opportunities to develop and implement my leadership skills for the benefit of those around me. After performing my duties on the SVEA Board of Directors I realized that there was much more that I had to offer this organization. I am committed to this organization, and to the growth and development of each chapter in this state, each chapter president, and every member. I look forward to the opportunity to work with each of you in the coming year!
Stephanie Terezon-President
My name is Stephanie Terezon and I am currently a sophomore at Virginia State University. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major with a minor in Elementary Education. I am 19 years old and I am from Northern Virginia. I have an immense passion for working with little kids and I have never once thought about becoming anything other than a teacher. I am currently serving as Secretary on the Board of Directors and the experience has been phenomenal. I have served my local chapter as Historian, and I plan to serve the upcoming year as well. I strongly believe in my leadership capabilities, communication skills, and persistence to get things done. Overall, I believe myself to be a competent leader and devoted member.


See You in March!

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